At South Brooklyn Seventh-day Adventist Church, we believe in ministering to the needs of our members, friends, visitors, and community. We do this by creating departments—or ministries—with the responsibility of supplying a particular need. Some of our ministries are more general while some are more specific.

These services are provided free of charge because of our love for God and our concern for our community. By offering these resources, we can make the kind of impact that is sorely needed today.

Take advantage of the resources provided by the ministries that we offer. They were created to meet the needs of the community. It is our hope that these ministries help to empower you for positive change in your personal, family, social, and spiritual life.

Sabbath School

Ushers & Interest Coordinator

Personal Ministries

Community Service

Health & Temperance

Men's Ministry

Women's Ministry


Family Life

  September 2020  
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