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Men's Ministry

Elder: Claudius Taylor

Our Men’s Ministry Department is about making men into real Christ-like men. Responsible men that are interested in taking control of their circumstances. With the pressures that men face today, that can be a real challenge. We know. Men of all stripes, from the homeless to the homesick are in need of a decent, empowering support group.

We aim to provide real-life solutions to these problems with two key strategies: Rap Sessions and Prayer Groups. Both are free of charge and simply require your attendance and commitment to succeed as a man.

Rap sessions will provide the listening ear that many men need. It’s not often that men get the opportunity to reveal what troubles them deep inside, and ask for help, so we make the opportunity available to you. We will listen and offer realistic advice that you can put to use right away. Our advice is proven effective, too: it comes right from the Bible.

Our Prayer Group is designed meet the spiritual needs of today’s man. We know the struggles and temptations. We know the fears. We will pray with you and introduce you to the greatest man ever: Jesus Christ. 

We have additional resources to provide, like hot meals and warm coats. A decent pair of pants. We want to help the men feel good about themselves and have a positive self-image.

We look forward to partnering with you to become new men—godly men. Don’t hesitate to contact us or refer other men to us. We are here for you.

  May 2021  
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